Sunday, August 5, 2012

Welcome Cards

I just made a trip to the post office to mail Welcome to 4th Grade cards to my new students.  This is a tradition at my school. A few weeks before school begins, all the teachers mail a letter or card to their incoming class. We've been doing this for more then ten years, after our staff read the book Parents on Your Side by Lee Canter.

Sometimes I use my Stampin Up Stamps, but this year I decided to update a design I used two years ago.  I created a word mosaic using my students first names.  The word mosaic was created on the website, Image Chef.  I created the card using Print Shop, which is a software program.  I use Print Shop a lot to create name tags, labels, signs, and posters.  I will talk more about that in a later post.

Mailing the welcome cards is a sure sign that the adventure of a new school year is about to begin.


  1. Welcome back to school. I am looking forward to hearing more about life in your classroom again this year.

  2. Thanks, Henrietta. It's fun to have a new beginning each year. I'm looking forward to meeting my new kids.