Thursday, January 2, 2014

Using Wibki to Organize Shortcuts

People often tease me about all the shortcuts I have sitting out on my desktop.  I found a solution to that problem recently when I started using  Wibki is a great way to organize shortcuts to the websites you use most often.  You can sort them according to subject by setting up multiple pages.  The real advantage is that is very easy to set up.  Now I can easily access websites I need from any computer, whether it is at home or at work.  No more wasted time trying to find the shortcut among all the ones I have saved on delicious.

It has worked so well for me personally, that I have now set up a separate account for my students. We have 9 laptops in our classroom. In the past I either set up shortcuts on the desktop of each computer, or on one of the wikis we use.    Now instead of running around to each computer to set up multiple shortcuts, I only need one for Wibki.  When I want to add shortcuts, I just do it once, and it shows up for everyone.  This lets my students have much easier access to the websites that I want them to use.

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