Saturday, October 20, 2012

Kidblog Changes

All of my students have their own blogs on  After writing and commenting on our paper blogs, we are now working on writing our very first on-line posts.  There have been some big changes to Kidblog this year!  Depending on the settings the teacher chooses, kids can now select an Avatar to display with their comments and in the directory.  They can also choose a background for their blog.

This makes Kidblog much more visually pleasing, and gives the kids an opportunity to have their blog be more individual.  We are going to give this a try.  I think it will make the whole blogging experience much more appealing.

Once we have made these blog design choices, I want my kids to leave them alone and focus on the writing.  Does anyone out there have experience with these new features?  Can you turn off the choices once they have set their avatar and design?  


  1. Yes, you can turn off profile editing once students have made changes. The customizations will remain, but the distraction won't :)


  2. Thanks for your help, Matt. I am really excited about this, and I know my kids will be. They are going to have a ball decorating their blogs.