Sunday, September 16, 2012

Heart Maps

Our class is working on writing personal narratives.  We are using the program, Being a Writer, but on Thursday we took a break from that to create Heart Maps.  One of my colleagues made them with her students last year.  A Heart Map is used to inspire you as you are choosing a topic to write about.  I also saw the idea on Pinterest.  You can see that link here.

To make our Heart Maps, I gave each student a paper with the black outline of the heart already on it.  Then I modeled the activity as we added words and drawings for;
  • 3 important people
  • 3 hobbies
  • 3 important places
  • 3 memories 
  • 3 important things
We made them colorful and interesting.  Then we cut them out and glued them into our Writer's Notebooks. We are referring to them when we need an idea to write about.  I like the way they turned out, and it's a great hands on tool for brainstorming writing ideas.

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